Sunday, September 13, 2009

Not if she can help it........

Well, not everybody enjoys " Total Creep - A Guy's Guide ", especially if they are female.

Debbie M. writes:

"My boyfriend let me read a couple chapters of your book, and then I found your blog. You and guys like you disgust me. If my bra is showing it is not because I want anybody to see. How dare you? Now you make it seem like I don't dare open the blinds to my condo unless I am fully dressed. I already know better than to walk around at home and put on a show for anyone. It is no wonder that you and a lot of guys can't do any better than gawking at us women. Just go away."

Thanks for the permission to use this, Debbie. I won't ignore your comments. You are entitled to your opinion and I asked for reader feedback. Even with the flack I get from women, all I do is write about what a lot of guys are thinking and would like to say. I don't ask babes to not wear underwear when they go out, to bend over and not protect their clothing, or to leave the blinds open when they come out of the shower. But as long as they do this, and other things like these, guys like me will take advantage of every opportunity we get to take in the view.

As much as I travel, I currently have a residence in Las Vegas. I could spend money and go to a club every night and see topless and naked babes. Those women choose to do that in order to make a living. All I have done is written about how to find other ways to get the same result - seeing babes partially and fully naked.

By the way, I am happily married and had steady girlfriends over the years prior to finding the 'right one' to marry. I have never physically cheated on any of them. I am professionally employed and make a good living. In my case, seeing young babes partially or fully naked, seeing up skirts and down tops, and the things I enjoy about checking out the babes cause no financial harm. There is no physical contact.

If you wish to keep your blinds closed and wear clothing that keeps you fully covered, go right ahead.

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