Wednesday, September 9, 2009

His date gave him a window of opportunity

The readers and listeners of " Total Creep - A Guy's Guide " continue to send in questions and comments..................

Eddie J. of OH writes:

"Thanks for producing this as an audio book. The announcing was great, and I learned a lot, especially about watching for opportunities that come up if you are a quick thinker. I have a success story to share from (Labor Day weekend) for you.

I had a 2nd date with a really hot looking girl with a great body. However, she didn't like the meal I suggested and after hitting a couple of bars she asked me to take her home. I understood and drove her to her condo and even walked her to the building entrance since it was after midnight. Just a polite hug and kiss, but I knew she wouldn't go out with me again and that was as far as I would get with her.

She went in and down the hallway to her ground level unit. I walked out of the entrance and toward the parking lot where I had parked. As I went around the corner I realized that I could see into her unit, and noticed that her kitchen blinds were not closed all the way. Sure enough, she had just gotten in and turned on the lights, and I could see in far enough to see down the hallway toward the entrance to her bedroom and a bathroom, maybe 15 - 20 feet away.

Then I remembered hearing your story about seeing a babe undress by doing that, and I looked around and didn't see anybody. I was legitimately walking to my car. So I stood there for a moment and kept looking. About 2 minutes later, I saw a shadow come toward the hallway. Then, there she was, walking toward the kitchen while taking off her bra. I got to see those great looking (boobs) bounce a couple of times. I could see her standing topless in the kitchen. She did something by the sink (I don't know what, but who cares) and then walked back to the bedroom, pulling her pants down on the way. As luck had it, she was wearing a thong, so I got a good view of her butt. Then she went into the bedroom and turned off the light. I knew not to chance it any further, thanks to your advice, so I left and went home. It was worth the date to see those (boobs) and not have to put up with her bitchy attitude. Thanks to you, I consider the night a success."

Quite a story, Eddie, but I am glad you got away with doing that. Yes, I have had a couple of situations like that myself and made the most of them. But in your case, I consider the risk to be higher. When I did it, I did not know who the babe was and had other "business" being outside of the apartment or condo. That makes a difference. You see, this babe knows who you are and why you were there. If she had seen you out there, or if someone else did and caught you, the babe would have realized you were out there watching her since minutes had passed since you left her. You might have been treated like a peeping tom and that has ramifications.

You need to understand that I do not in any way encourage or endorse any guy being a peeping tom. Standing outside looking into a window is exactly that. I realize it was late at night and you looked around and were careful, but you minimized the risk you took. Not a good idea since the babe knows who you are and why you were there (if you were caught).

When I struck gold under a similar situation, I was leaving a friend's place in the development and therefore had my story if caught and accused. My friend would have backed me up that I was leaving his place and I could show I was walking to my car. You would not have had that option. As odd as this seems, if you were leaving late at night and happened to see a babe you didn't know walking topless, you could have enjoyed the view, moved on quickly as you did, and had a "way out". I am glad you thought as you did and saw what you saw, but please be careful about taking risks like that in the future.

Here's hoping you get to see the next babe you date in the same room and not outside the window!

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