Sunday, September 6, 2009

What a total creep has learned

A guy in his mid-40's who does not want his e-mail to me to be used asked me a very interesting question that deserves attention. He had listened to the audio book version of " Total Creep - A Guy's Guide " and picked up on a few of the points in a different way than the other readers/listeners I have heard from.

He obviously paid close attention, especially to the chapters about how to spy on babes using binoculars, and from what he told me, has successfully used many of the techniques the book describes. But his question to me was really a curiosity. He wanted to know what else I have learned from my experiences and how those discoveries may have helped.

This got me to thinking, and soon made me realize how much my reader was on to something. What started in high school by using high power binoculars to spy on girls in nearby apartments and evolved into an obsession for seeing "real" babes fully or partially naked has actually helped me to learn much more besides how to do it well.

In thinking about it more after getting the e-mail, I have come to realize that I have learned a lot in the areas of psychology and surveillance without even trying.

Actually, I realized the surveillance part years ago. If I had a criminal mind, I would be dangerous. As I wrote about in a few months ago in an earlier blog, I realized this on a night when I literally could have robbed an apartment and gotten away with it based on information I had.

To recap, a hot college babe I used to spy on from across the street had her own apartment. I could see into the hallway window to the front door, along with seeing into some of her living room, kitchen, and bedroom as blinds and curtains were open and allowed a view. Her building also had assigned parking, so I could see her parking spot to know whether or not she was home.

She didn't always have the curtains or blinds open, but there were times that I saw her come out of the shower, and times that she would sit on her bed and study while totally naked. Of the babes I could spy on at that time, she was definitely the best looking.

One night, I saw her car pull in. That gave me about 90 seconds to grab my binocs, turn off my lights, and hope to get a good show. I saw her go in her front door as usual. But on this night I'm thinking maybe nature was calling. She pushed the front door behind her without looking, and went through the kitchen and bedroom to the bathroom. (I could only see the bathroom light in her bedroom, not into the bathroom itself.) But then I saw the front door was still partially open. She didn't look to be sure it was closed.

My hunch was right, as a few minutes later she came out into the bedroom and to my delight got ready for her shower. But she had no clue that her front door was part way open and ANYONE could have walked in. While she was in the back taking a shower. That moment many years ago was when I realized the potential of my surveillance.

If I were a criminal, I know I would have had time to casually walk across the street, walk right in to her apartment, and help myself. I realized I knew where she put her purse down when she came home and where her jewelry box was in the bedroom. Then I could have closed her front door on my way out. But I'm not a criminal. I'm a creep and the draw to me was that if I robbed her place I would have missed a chance to see her come out of the shower. It was minutes later, after she put her cute little pajamas on, that she came out and was startled to see her front door still open. She closed it looked around, had a look of concern on her cute face, and went on about her business.

That incident made me realize how much the surveillance of apartments, condos, and townhomes played a part in my spying, and how much I could find out by watching them over the course of weeks, months, and in some cases years. I would know routines, schedules, sometimes parking spaces to know who when she or they were home, where valuables were kept, and things such as which lights were left on when people were not at home.

Yet, it wasn't just for units where hot babes lived. There were times I would monitor guys' apartments on weekends for when they had a girlfriend over. Other times I would see the daughter come to visit the older parents. And so it goes. Knowing this information saved me hours of watching an empty apartment and helped me to zero in on my best opportunities to see babes undressing, getting dressed, walking around partially or completely naked, even if just for a few seconds.

As I think about it, this information has helped me in other ways. I don't leave my wallet in the same place all of the time, vary my routines more, and know to leave different lights on when not home at night. I just didn't acknowledge until now that my extra precautions actually came my way as a result of my obsession to see as many babes as possible naked as often as I can.

Next there is the psychology aspect. Babes across the country (since I have lived for at least 3 years in 3 different time zones during my adult life) have combined to teach me a lot about self confidence, or lack thereof.

Watching babes in the privacy of their own homes would be interesting even if it wasn't for the purpose of waiting for them to be naked. (Not the same level of interesting, of course!) It is a huge measure of how they feel about themselves. I could go on and on.

Some so obviously don't like their boobs to the point of not going topless even when they are all alone, yet they wear a short nightshirt without panties. Others are free and easy about being topless but always have their bottoms covered.

On the other hand, I recall one babe who was obviously very confident and felt good about her body. She would often do housework, including wiping the windows (thank you very much!!), wearing only panties or be completely naked, even with her husband walking around with shorts on. Now that's confidence. And she had a small chest.

Body type and weight are not always a factor in this. I have seen some thick babes who walk around topless or naked with confidence and their weight doesn't matter. They are well groomed and when I would see them with street clothes on the clothes would project confidence and the grooming and appearance would project beauty. While others who are overweight practically wear a tent even when all alone, and walk around slouching and ashamed.

My book contains some experiences of seeing how wives walk around the house with the husband or boyfriend around. My observations range from me seeing more of her body than her husband seemingly could to others that would walk around topless or bottomless to those that were very modest and kept covered up. I use this information for spying purposes. For example, if a babe doesn't like being undressed when her man is around but walks around naked when he's not, then I know that if I see her man at home my chances of seeing her naked are not very good for that night.

The personal result of that? When last I was single, how a babe walked around and groomed and took care of her overall appearance had become more of a factor with me than I would have ever imagined years ago.

So, yes, I have learned a lot of useful information during the process of seeing literally thousands of babes partially or completely naked. Maybe I do have a sequel after all................

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