Tuesday, April 13, 2010

Picture This - A Total Creep Needn't Zoom In

Joe of MA writes:

“I’m totally enjoying your tips and your excellent insight into how to spy on the ladies from home. I never realized I could do that from my apartment until I listened to your book. It turns out I have found 3 units with chicks I can see into pretty well from my pad. Two are either married or living with guys, but I see what you mean about that not being such a bad thing. One of them loves to walk around topless for her man! But what I don’t get is how you seem to keep checking out the same babes night after night even after you have seen them naked several times. One of the babes I check out lives just across the walkway one level down. I know to turn off all of the lights in my living room as if I have gone to bed, wear dark clothing, and only open my blinds enough to see out clearly. I used my zoom lens and got a couple of great photos of her about a month ago. I was ready with the zoom one night when she came out of the bathroom with only a towel wrapped around and then stood by her mirror and did a strip tease, thinking no one could see her. It’s an awesome photo that looks as though she was posed that way for me with her bush in clear view. All I need to is look at that photo instead of risking getting caught night after night. Why don’t you do it this way?”

A fair question, Joe. But I’m ready for you on this one. First, as I always my fellow “total creeps”, it really is a good idea not to have any photos taken from your home on your phone, in your camera, or on your computer. Dude, that is evidence that could be used against you. If you see a babe with (pun intended) the naked eye, you have your wonderful memory or her, and no one else could prove that you saw anything or how you saw it. However, a photo taken from an angle that could be tracked back to your home and your camera could get you in big trouble.

I’m old enough to go back to the days of the instant camera that would print out a photo right as you took it. In those days you could hide the photo, but I would still worry about someone finding it in a drawer. I kept a few in a box of old tax papers where only I knew to find them, but I destroyed those before moving to be certain there would not be any evidence of the hours of spying I do and have done.

As I have pointed out recently, you see stories about guys getting arrested for sexting, when all they needed to do was show the photos to their guy friends (and not send them) and then delete them from their phone and there would not have been any evidence. While I can certainly appreciate the quality photos you got of that one babe, I would suggest you either print them and hide them with extreme caution, or delete them.

Yes, I do enjoy seeing some of the same babes naked week after week. Since I don’t take or keep photos, it keeps the memory of what she looks like fresh. I also enjoy the thrill of the chase, even after over 35 years of doing this. I enjoy knowing that I was there looking at 10:30 last night when she got undressed to get ready for bed, or whatever the scene is I get to witness. Quite often I only have, like you now do, only a couple of babes I can watch on a given night. I consider it quality instead of quantity.

Also, as addressed in the book, you never know when she will have a visitor and what could happen. I have enjoyed seeing a few of my subjects having friends or relatives over for a visit who are not aware of anybody being able to see in. Even though it was almost 20 years ago, I’ll never forget one young hottie who had her own apartment and had plenty of girlfriends over to visit, some overnight. Within about 3 months, besides seeing her naked numerous times, I also saw 2 of her friends stark naked and another one go topless. That was 4 different babes seen in just one room. Yet, if I had used only a photo of the babe that lived there, I would have missed out on seeing those other 3. That is reason enough for me.

In conclusion, my advice is to hide or destroy the photos, and keep watching with binoculars, or your zoom lens if it works well enough for you, but don't gather any evidence.

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