Thursday, February 21, 2013

Careless Babes

I always tell the guys to always be on the lookout for opportunities to be able to see what we can see when hot babes are near. There are those times when you can luck into a sighting. Here's a couple which I have benefitted from:

I was walking around at an outdoor exhibit, when I noticed one of the vendors was a hot babe selling merchandise who would sometimes lean over to pick up merchandise out of a box. She had a loose fitting top on. As I walked closer, I had the angle on her. Nice timing as someone asked her for an item in the box. She bent over to get it, and thought she was being careful. She put her hand across under her neck sideways thinking she was blocking the view looking down her top. What she didn't realize was that her top was inches below where she had placed her hand. It turned out she was not wearing a bra, and I got to see her small boobies in full hanging down! The only view she "blocked" was her own.

Another time, I was enjoying a walk along a beach when I spotted a really cute babe, probably a college student, wearing a halter dress and stopped to talk with a couple of dudes. The front of her dress was buttoned up. I saw her checking her buttons to be sure they were tightly buttoned as if to be sure she was "safe" from the dudes she was talking with. I could also tell that her sleeve on the right side looked very loose.

There were a couple of guys standing behind this babe also having a conversation. I knew it would not look suspicious to walk behind where she was standing since people were hanging there. Once I got behind her I noticed that her dress was so loose on the right side that I could see her entire boob past her pointy nipple. Those guys having a separate conversation behind her were quietly talking about how they were enjoying seeing that chick's boob. I joined in and we spent about five minutes discussing how nice her boob was looking until she finally left.

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