Wednesday, March 21, 2012

What Makes Women More Confident?

A most interesting article about female confidence...........   

Although I would have loved to help with this research, these findings fit in with what I have noticed over the past 30+ years of spying on babes in the privacy of their homes.

I have noticed, and wrote about this in my most recent book (Total Creep - A Guy's Guide), how easy it is to tell how confident a woman is by how she carries herself fully or partially naked, even in private.

What is interesting to me is that it is not necessarily how well, or how poorly, she is built. I have observed some petite babes who have kept covered up at all times even when home alone, as well as some chubby babes who walk around naked with total confidence.

I have observed some babes who would sometimes walk around at home with little to nothing on, but appear slouched over or with their shoulders clenched as if to signal they don't like their boobs. This is with no one around and they obviously have no idea that a man is watching them. With others, even when naked, I can tell if they are happier with their boobs than their butt or vice versa.

Even in public, I have seen babes display differing levels of confidence based on their body parts. At one of the naked bike rides I was a spectator at, I remember one babe peddling along totally naked even though one boob was smaller and even hung lower than the other. Not the prettiest set of boobs (although it did not deter me from looking), and she was not shaved further down, but she rode that way and was smiling during the time I saw her. Yet, there were a couple of other babes nearby with much nicer bodies, yet one of them had a bra top on while another was only topless.

But the babe with the "bad" boobies was confident enough to show herself in full on a downtown street during daylight and be smiling.

So if a push-up bra helps the cause, so be it. If us guys can only get the babes under 30 to realize that we want to see no matter what's doing..................

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